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Why Choice WANAIPTV as services Provider?

Our IPTV private service provides stable and quality IPTV with excellent support and customer service.

At WANAIPTV, it is our mission to be the best provider of TV packages, and we continually reinvest in our infrastructure. We never over capacity our servers, and thus ensuring the best viewing experience for our clients.

At WANAIPTV we look forward to welcoming and serving you as a long term customer, not just signing you up and forgetting about you.

We believe this approach is the reason we are recommend by so many of our customers.

How To Order IPTV Subscription?

To Order IPTV Subscriptions, Create account and add Product to cart [Store]then click view cart and Fill The Billing then Click Processed to Checkout and Pay, As our team verify your order, will send you subscription  as soon as possible.

How to get subscription for my devices?

After making payment for your subscription, you will get full instruction and  the details of the device in message field.

What payment methods can I use?

Currently, you can pay with Credit card payment (online) by using Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex card And Paysafecard

What payment methods can I use?

Currently, you can pay with Credit card payment (online) by using Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex card And Paysafecard

is there are Additinal/Hidden Fees when Place the order?

NO, there are NO Hidden or additional Fees,You Pay Only Amount What you order.

I have paid what to do now?

If you have paid for your subscription, Please Wait until our team Verify your payment, it takes Most form 5-60 min in Working HRS. within time please check your emails spam/junk folder or contact us.

Is My Payment Safe?

Pay securely with your credit card without exposing your details. When paying online, your details are protected by VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of protection commercially available).

Can i Get Refund or Change The IPTV Package

Once the order is confirmed and account is offered and activated, We DO NOT offer turned or refund, Please note that and have a free test before
placing the order, because the IPTV account code we cannot sell it.

Can I pay by Paypal?

Sorry, we do not accept Paypal, and you only can pay by credit card(online).

Why my payment is declined or failed?

If your payment is declined or failed, you can change other credit card to pay again.
Your second payment is declined/failed again, please check it is not due to the following situations:
Using VPN
Please do not use VPN when you pay for an order.

Card security code failed
Please note that an incorrect card security code could cause payment failure. Card security code is the short numeric code on the back of your credit card. Please verify that you have entered the correct card security code and try again.

Insufficient fund
If you meet the insufficient fund error log when you make payment by credit card, please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account and that payment for your order does not exceed your credit limit.
Please also make sure you have used a Visa or MasterCard personal credit card to finish payment.

Exceed limit
Please make sure the order amount does not exceed your credit card limit. Or the payment is unable to go through smoothly.

The 3-D security code failed
Please make sure that:
1. Your credit card should be authorized by your credit card issuer to make an online payment by activating 3-D Security Code.
2. Your credit card has activated 3-D security code. If you have not activated 3-D Security Code, please contact your card issuer with this issue.

The 3-D Security Code for Visa is called Verified by Visa (VBV) and for Master Card is called MasterCard Secure Code.

Verification failed
If your order has been closed for security reason, your payment will not be deducted . However, some banks would hold this payment in this situation. Usually the bank will reserve the payment for up to 7 business days before releasing back to the card holder. If you have any concern about your payment, please be advised to check with your credit card company for details.

IPTV-usage FAQ

Can I use one account on 2 or more devices?

channels are for normal reference only ,not the final one

channels are for normal reference only ,not the final one )
Important Notice ,channels lists keep adding and updating according to buyer feedback and server stability needs,
we will add some channels according to market needs ,and delete some channels if its not stable

Notice:Channel list will be updated frequently, each one can not be noticed.

Which device can be compatible with your IPTV?

Our IPTV is compatible with Android TV box, KODI/XBMC, Samsung/Apple/LG Smart TV, Android Smart TV, VLC Player, MAG 250/254, Enigma2.

How much internet speed requires?

Your Internet needs to be minimum 7-10 MBPS Download and 1-3 MBPS upload speeds, If your home is filled with the latest bandwidth-draining devices, then you need a router that can keep up with your demands. From watching YouTube videos and playing the latest online games to downloading music and streaming movies, these demanding wireless activities require a fast, strong wireless connection to avoid dreaded lagging and buffering a least 10 mbps, however people with 5 mbps even 3 mbps has report no issues at all, some people with 100 mbps face connection problem, best way to test use your cell phone as host pot and connect your box to your phone as host pot, and try for a minute. however that might consume your data.

Please note that speed is not everything.

For testing your line quality, go to http://www.pingtest.net
For testing your line speed, go to http://www.speedtest.net

Does these service speed anytime?

we have a rating of 99.9% up time, however like any other service sometimes need to update, back up or get into maintenance

What kind of quality service providing?

Most of the elements of IP networks are the control of quality service. Our service is just excellent that you can compare with other similar service providers in the market. Our quality of service ensure you the priority to several packets on the network, we always maintain and control delays fragmentation of the service to assure you high-end quality service. We always maintain the desired level performance.

Can i buy some accounts from your company, and use them on my own server again for doing IPTV Sharing?

Sorry, this is not allowed. Otherwise our server paralysis, and the channels would be become junking. Once we detect this situation, we would ban your accounts soon.

Are there any Performance issues when using the services in different countries?

No, the system works worldwide.

Whether you are in Europe, Asia, Australia, or America you should receive exactly the same performance, just so long as you have a stable 2mbit/s connection.

Why I can not access my account and I can not watch anymore after I use your IPTV service?

First, please check your network connection, reboot your router and device, and then try again.

Secondly, if your network connection is no problem, please check whether your account is used on other devices.
If yes, please visit www.whatismyip.com by using computer, and find your IP4 IP Address, next send your 1-year account and IP4 IP Address to us for restoration.
Please note that an account can only be used on a device, otherwise your account would be banned soon.